The Site administration offers you the Site services on the conditions being the subject of these LinguaSeven Terms of Service which are regarded as a public offer. You acknowledge that you have read and understood the following Terms of Service, and you agree to be bound hereby.

1. The time in the schedule is displayed according to user’s IP address and geographical location. If the IP address is not set, the teacher is liable to comply with the time difference.

2. The student can book a lesson 12 hours before its start and cancel it 2 hours before its start.

3. The teacher will receive an SMS text message about booked and cancelled lessons.

4. If the student forgets to cancel the lesson in the schedule according to the set limit, the payment for this lesson will be written off by the system.

5. If the teacher wants to cancel the booked lesson, the student should be informed about it via Skype 24 hours before the lesson starts. The teacher has to plan the schedule ahead and is allowed to cancel the booked lesson 1 time a month. Open hours available for booking can be closed by the teacher if needed.

6. The withheld commission for the lesson totals 25% and consists of the Platform Fee 5% and Transfer Fee 20%. When transferring a payout, the teacher is liable for taking into account country’s law regulations as well as all extra charges made by banks or payment systems disbursing money to the local bank card. If a payout is less than 100$, the Transfer Fee is 30%.

7. If during the lesson either on the student’s side or the teacher’s side some technical problems occur which are caused by the operation of the computer, Skype, Internet connection, and periodically interfere with the lesson, the rest of the time is moved to another day until all the connection problems are eliminated.

8. If the teacher starts using another Skype account and accepting payments for lessons, there will be charged for benefit of the platform a compensation of 2500 (two thousand and five hundred) USD.

9. Providing that working hours on the platform reach 21 hours a week, the teacher is obliged to delete the profiles on other websites on the Internet for the period of cooperation.

10. If the teacher gets a lot of rejections after the first lessons or a certain period of time, the profile may be deleted from the platform.

11. The assessment of the student’s level consists of 2 parts: the test which should be taken before the first lesson and the speaking part which is evaluated by the teacher. The student will be assigned to the appropriate level after the teacher informs the account manager.

12. As soon as the programme is completed and the level test is passed, the student can start a new level. Depending on the student’s success the teacher decides on how quickly a new programme can be started.

13. The price for the lesson can be revised once a year.

14. Any time the teacher can claim back all provided information for the platform.

15. The teacher is liable for keeping the e-schedule up-to-date and adjusting it every day if any changes take place.

16. Except having an individual approach to the student, the teacher has to stick to the G&R (goals and requirements).


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Each lesson should be interactive and include the following:


Each time homework should include watching a video and reading a story or an article from the Internet.


Learning vocabulary should be mostly with pictures.


Doing grammar exercises should include monologic or dialogic activities after them.


The student speaks 85% of the lesson, the teacher – 15%.

Since it is very difficult for students to express their opinion in a foreign language, they shouldn’t be interrupted while speaking. The teacher can note down the mistakes and explain them very quickly after speaking.


Usage of the platform and Instagram account at the lesson should make 5% at least.